Music Generated Imagery


Individual Sessions

In a relaxed, quiet environment, you will listen to musical selections of varying lengths.  In the process of listening to the music, you will experience images, feelings, and body sensations that are meaningful to you.  Sometimes, the inner experiences are predominantly refreshing and relaxing. At other times, they are profoundly moving and stimulating – full of insights and ideas.  Often they provide a feeling of deep healing and nurturing.  Occasionally they bring up long-forgotten memories.  They are always unique: no two people will have the same experience even when they listen to the same music.

Music generated imagery journeys can offer personal and transpersonal insights to those seeking growth, healing, and transformation.  Each session ends with quiet time for integration and reflection through art, writing, and conversation. Sessions are usually 2 hours.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are limited to 6-8 participants; they are designed to focus on a specific topic or area of interest. Participants might, for example, want to use music to explore their own spirituality. Or, they might want to use music to explore the 8 Gates of Wisdom discussed by Angeles Arrien in her book, The Second Half of Life.

These group sessions usually combine guided imagery and shorter sequences of music with quiet time for reflection and integration with art and writing materials. The Magic of Music, a group session that introduces participants to music-generated imagery, will be offered on a regular basis.* Other group sessions, focusing on a specific topic, can be custom-designed to suit the interests of the participants.

*See Classes Page