Public Speaking and Presentations

The Musical Pharmacy
In this short presentation, participants are exposed to a variety of different musical genres.  They are encouraged to notice the way the music affects them physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.  Is it stimulating? Soothing? Relaxing? And so on…

The goal here is to encourage participants to become aware of all the ways in which music can support, alter, and/or sustain mood and health.  There will be ample opportunity for participants to discuss their experiences after each musical selection.  A handout with suggestions for ways participants can create their own portable “musical kit” will be given out at the end of class.

This is a light, fun-filled program lasting about 60 minutes. Those interested in scheduling a presentation may contact Dr. McKenna through the “contacts” page on this website.

Music, Health, and Healing
Research in brain neurology demonstrates that music can act directly on the limbic part of the brain producing measureable changes in emotional and physical responses.   Music, like dreams and reveries, can juxtapose images and sensations in a way that allows for new insights and understanding.  These changes in perception and experience can often lead to new choices and new decisions; long-held beliefs and worldviews begin to shift; behavior changes.

Those interested in learning more about the research on music, imagery, and the body-mind, can contact Dr. McKenna to schedule a 30-60 minute presentation on this topic.  [Use the “contacts” page on this website.]

Adjunctive Work with Private Practitioners

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” -Victor Hugo

Music-generated imagery is often used as an adjunct to more traditional forms of counseling or therapy.  It is most frequently used in situations where clients have reached a “plateau” of some kind.  Both the client and the practitioner have a sense that there is something “more” – something that has alluded more traditional approaches.  In this instance, a client can be referred for one or more music-generated imagery sessions with the understanding that the primary care practitioner and the music-generated imagery counselor can share information.

Those interested in learning more about the adjunctive use of music-generated imagery are invited to contact Dr. McKenna through the “contacts” page on this website.

Intuitive Consultations

In these sessions, Dr. McKenna uses her intuitive abilities to help you discover and explore those gifts and talents which are uniquely yours. What are your special human gifts? Spiritual gifts? In what ways can you use these gifts to enrich your life, expand your happiness, and deepen your connection to soul and spirit?

30-60 minute sessions can be done in person or by phone.

Those interested in scheduling a session, are invited to contact Dr. McKenna through the the “contacts” page on this website.

For questions and/or to schedule a session, please call Alexis McKenna 541-324-1735 or click HERE