The Magic of Music

In this 4 hour introductory workshop, we will explore different aspects of self by traveling to music that is nurturing, healing, inspiring, and sacred.  We will begin with a brief discussion of the ways that music affects us, and then listen, draw, and travel to a variety of musical selections.  After each music experience, we will have quiet time for integration and reflection using art and writing materials.  At the end of the workshop, we will talk about ways that we can continue to work with music in our personal and professional lives.

Fee: $25.  per person [Art materials provided.]

size: Limited to 6. 

Date and Time: By arrangement

Dress comfortably; there will be a short break. 
Bring water and/or snack.

To schedule a workshop, call: 541-324-1735


PERS133 Music and Imagery: Pathways to Self

Did you know that music and imagery can work together to facilitate healing, growth, and transformation? In this class, we will explore different aspects of self by listening to music that is nurturing, healing, inspiring and sacred. Each class will be a combination of music listening and quiet time for integration and reflection with art and writing materials.

NOTE: Class material is cumulative. If you cannot attend all five classes, you MUST wait to take the class at a later date.

Fee:  Course fee is $10 per student. Materials provided include paper, markers, pastels, color sticks, crayons, and colored writing pens.

Dates and Time:
5 Sessions; Campbell Center—Room A
Tues 1:00—3:00PM   April 4 – May 2, 2017

For questions or registration: or or 541-552-6048


Instructor: Alexis McKenna has a Ph.D. in communication theory, an M.S. in instructional systems, an M.A. in counseling, and is completing her advanced training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). She has many years’ experience as a university instructor in both public and private universities working with traditional and nontraditional students.