Coming Home

In the turbulence of modern times, it's easy to feel lost and powerless. The world, as we know it, seems to be disappearing before our very eyes. The "new world" has yet to emerge; too often, we find ourselves feeling uprooted and "homeless."

We are living in chaos; and we don't yet know that chaos is a friend. It's a creative energy as well as a destructive one. The challenge is to learn how to embrace the chaos and allow it to change us. This can be done most easily by taking the inward journey that mystics have called "the sacred return to center."

This phrase is used to describe the exploration of our inner symbolic landscape – rich with possibility and meaning. It is here that we embrace chaos and allow it to change us by befriending our inner images and symbols. We engage them in dialogue; we learn from them.

It is here, in this process of exploration, that we can tap into aspects of self that are inherently nourishing and sustaining. It is here that we can touch into that core essence – that resonance – that is uniquely ours. It is here that we can access the immortal and eternal. It is here that we are "home" – regardless of what is, or is not, happening in the world around us.

"Wait upon chaos.   In its depths, you can uncover magnificent reservoirs of innovation and transcendence. While others retreat or recoil from chaos, you can create untold beauty and elegance. ...Wait upon chaos."

...Lazaris: Concept Synergy